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My Injury
 In September 2008 I had a pretty nasty fall which resulted in a fracture at T12; surgery was performed the next day to realign and stabilise my spine and I was in spinal rehab for 6 months. I've been in a wheelchair ever since and I now have metalwork in my back along with a vertical scar (which I call my Hallmark - I'm a 24 Carat Cripple haha!).

 I was advised that I had a 10% chance of recovery but nothing returned; some of my toes started to move a little after I left hospital but not by choice. I must say that I am lucky as I don't have any spasms, pains or itches - most of the time my legs feel like they have been dipped in ice (yet they are warm to the touch). Occasionally it feels like mild pins and needles. I can not feel anything if I touch my legs, the sensations are from inside - neuropathy, I suspect.

 My strong legs melted away over the months to become soft and slim, my feet became as smooth as a baby's bum while my arms and upper body became more defined and stronger.

In my media I demonstrate my life as a paraplegic. You can keep up to date with me via my Yahoo Group and my more active Twitter account.

My Private Life
In my private time I enjoy volunteering for many organisations specialising in scientific fields as well as those for people in need. I hold a BSc in Chemistry a well as a BSc in Forensics and also returned to college to refresh and improve my scientific knowledge (topics are proved then disproved so often it's hard to keep up), and I often teach teenagers the marvels of Physics as well as assist with after-school clubs. 

 I recently won an award at one organisation for my volunteering services :D

I enjoy the theatre (ballet, contemporary dance, many film genres, and burlesque), carveries, and rare steak. I love shoes (I think you all know that!), short skirts, and theme parks! Travelling is a big part of my life and I love creating opportunities to visit new places. I think I have conquered most of the continents now and flown, or sailed across, most seas (or been in them lol).

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it :)